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For the last year or so, we have been looking at various options to add production

scheduling to PRECISE360.

Precision engineering and subcontract machining are dynamic work places.

You can plan the week’s schedule by 11am on Monday morning, only for a new customer

order to come in with a tomorrow lead time.

A slot has to be found

Staff need to be updated

At the same time new enquiries come in and you need to find space in the schedule for


Staying on top of your production schedule with whiteboards and spreadsheets, like all

manual input is hard work and is open to errors and omissions.

Now in PRECISE360 you can add a job to any part of the schedule and it will automatically

reschedule each subsequent job giving you accurate insights you can use to give yourself

an edge in quoting…raw material purchasing…and making good on your promises to


For an overview click here

Simple and affordable production control for owners of precision engineering and subcontract machining operations.